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Show History
The first three seasons of this teenage drama were set at Madison High School near Vancouver, British Columbia, and all three seasons covered one school year. The fourth season picked up six months after the end of the third, with the students beginning their lives outside of high-school.

The initial episodes centered on a different primary character each time, although before long the storylines were integrated into one another. Because of this initial individuality, there were no 'stars' for the first season as the cast changed with each episode.

Many controversial and hard-hitting issues were tackled in this drama, including inter-racial romance, teen pregnancy, abusive relationships, and losing parents and loved ones. Early episodes included the death of a classmate and the infant son of an interracial couple, and later on, the core group of friends lost one of their own in a tragic motorcycle accident, permanently changing the sister he left behind.

The show ran for five seasons with 65 episodes. The picture at the right is from the final season. The song Like Heaven by Daytona was used as the opening theme song from season three on.

Due to the nature of Canadian shows, many of which do not receive a lot of publicity, exact airdates are not available for the episodes. Season one, while filmed in both 1991 and 1993, was aired in 1993. Season two in 1994, and season three in 1995 and 1996. Season four aired in 1996 and 1997, and season five aired in 1997.

The initial aim of the series was to serve as a teen guidance series to teens, particular ages 11 through 14. There are seven episodes from 1991, and six from 1993. The differences are most notable in that many of the cast will appear in one or the other, and there are significant differences in appearance. When it finally aired on television starting in 1993, the episodes were aired completely out of order.

Released under the title Working It Out at Madison, the original thirteen episodes were presented as two seasons, and many are still popular teaching tools to help teenagers avoid some of the pitfalls of high-school. Although the video anthologies were released as two seasons (the 1991 season, and the 1993 season), because they are considered one season for television airing purposes, they are listed in the guide as they appeared on television.

Information in the guide has been compiled directly from the show and listed as they appeared on-screen. Information also contributed to the IMDb and TV.com where applicable to ensure the actors receive full credit for their roles. Crew lists on the episodes themselves taken directly from the screen. The following key crew were the most consistent throughout the years:

Series created by Forefront Entertainment Group.
Helena Cynamon - Executive Producer (Development)
Gillian Lindsay - Executive Producer (In Charge of Production)
Mickey Rogers - Executive Producer (Releasing)
Teri Woods-McArter - Executive Producer (Creative Development)
Gary Harvey - Producer/Director
Peter Mitchell - Producer (Creative)
Connie Dolphin - Co-Producer (Post Production)
Linda Guns - Line Producer

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Starring Cast
Michelle Beaudoin - Penny Foster (1994-1995; eps. 14-39)
Joely Collins - Rachael Langston (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Stacy Grant - Tia Winslow (1994-1995; eps. 14-39) (1997; eps. 53-65)
Chris William Martin - Jamie Novak (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Enuka Okuma - Sheri Davis (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Will Sasso - Derek Wakaluk (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Jonathan Scarfe - R.J. Winslow (1994-1995; eps. 14-39)
Peter Stebbings - Kevin Sharpe (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Sarah Strange - Carol Lemieux (1994-1998; eps. 14-65)
Chad Willett - Tom Connor (1994-1995; eps. 14-39)
Episode List
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Season 1
On the Curb
The Firefighter
Meeting of Minds
Tough Cries
Last Pick
Breaking the Chain
Not Just Anybody
The Girl Most Likely
Class Act
Boy Wonder
Best Friends
The Circle
Working It Out

Season 2
Stealing Home
Junior Partner
Girls Will Be Grrrls
Playing Solitaire
Great Expectations
Learning Curves
Good Breeding
True Colours
Family Passions
The Man In The Moon

Season 3
With This Ring...
Family Affairs
Home Free
When the Bough Breaks
Taking Care of Business
On the Road
Fun is Good
Where the Wolves Are
Bad Girls
Can't Get No Satisfaction
Free Falling
House of Cards
Full Circle

Season 4
Love You Forever
No Sell-Out
Real Life
Things Change
Go Your Own Way
Like Old Times
With a Bullet
Hanky Panky
Men Don't Leave
Stepping Into Starlight
Dancing Like Adults

Season 5
Kiss of Life
Opportunity Knocks
Boys Will Be Boys
Hook, Line and Sinker
Is Jesus in the House?
A Suit, a Secret & Sergio
Skin Deep
Tattoos, Term Deposits and Tainted Love
Sleeping With the Enemy
The Party's Over
Dead Man's Talking
You May Already Be a Winner

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