Episode List

Season 1
  • On the Curb

  • The Firefighter

  • Meeting of Minds

  • Tough Cries

  • Last Pick

  • Breaking the Chain

  • Not Just Anybody

  • The Girl Most Likely

  • Class Act

  • Boy Wonder

  • Best Friends

  • The Circle

  • Working It Out

  • Season 2
  • Treehuggers

  • Heartbreakers

  • Stealing Home

  • Twister

  • Junior Partner

  • Girls Will Be Grrrls

  • Playing Solitaire

  • Great Expectations

  • Learning Curves

  • Good Breeding

  • True Colours

  • Family Passions

  • The Man In The Moon

  • Season 3
  • With This Ring

  • Family Affairs

  • Home Free

  • When the Bough Breaks

  • Taking Care of Business

  • On the Road

  • Fun is Good

  • Where the Wolves Are

  • Bad Girls

  • Can't Get No Satisfaction

  • Free Falling

  • House of Cards

  • Full Circle

  • Season 4
  • Love You Forever

  • No Sell-Out

  • Salvage

  • Real Life

  • Things Change

  • Go Your Own Way

  • Like Old Times

  • Corkscrew

  • With a Bullet

  • Hanky Panky

  • Men Don't Leave

  • Stepping Into Starlight

  • Dancing Like Adults

  • Season 5
  • Kiss of Life

  • Opportunity Knocks

  • Boys Will Be Boys

  • Hook, Line and Sinker

  • Fallout

  • Is Jesus in the House?

  • A Suit, a Secret & Sergio

  • Skin Deep

  • Tattoos, Term Deposits and Tainted Love

  • Sleeping With the Enemy

  • The Party's Over

  • Dead Man's Talking

  • You May Already Be a Winner

  • On the Curb


    Sarah Strange (Carol Lemieux)
    Babz Chula (Eileen Lemieux)
    Matt Hill (Billy)

    Barry Pepper (Mick)
    Duncan Fraser (Roger Lemieux)
    Celia Louise Martin (Sonia)
    Lawrence King (Vendor)
    Diana Stevan (Ms. Bergman)
    Biski Gugushe (T.J.)
    Freda Perry (Policewoman)

    While the students are returning from a high-school trip, Alex and his friend Greg are seated in the back of the bus, with Chilean student Robert sitting closer to the front. Alex tries to draw Robert into a game of sock toss, but his reference to Robert as 'tamale head' doesn't help the situation. When the two boys cannot stop fighting with each other, the school recommends peer counseling, where it is soon learned that part of Alex's problem is that a girl he likes seems to be more interested in Robert than him. The two eventually agree to try harder to understand each other without resorting to slurs.

  • In the original Working It Out at Madison series produced for teenagers, this was the first episode of the first 'series', but presented last when it aired on television in 1993. This explains why Alex, who moved out in Breaking the Chain, is living at home in this episode, because Breaking the Chain, although aired earlier on television, was set afterwards.

  • CAST

    Helena Cynamon
    Gillian Lindsay
    Mickey Rogers
    Teri Woods-McArter

    Story Editor
    Helena Cynamon
    Mickey Rogers

    Mickey Rogers
    Gary Harvey

    James Taylor

    Director of Photography
    David Frazee

    Gary Harvey

    Hal Beckett

    Production Manager
    Gillian Lindsay

    First Assistant Director
    Gary Harvey

    Second Assistant Directors
    Scott Myers
    Rob McRae

    Script Supervisor
    Danielle de Smit

    First Assistant Camera
    Glenn Taylor

    Second Assistant Camera
    Alphonso Maiorana

    Todd Elyzen

    Key Grip
    Lionel Huppee

    Tim Challenger

    Best Boy
    Shawn Lawless

    Sound Mixer
    Nathen Shandler

    Boom Operator
    Robert Lord

    Wardrobe Supervisor
    Maylene Chan

    Assistant Costumers
    Rae Ford
    Conny Quan

    Makeup/Hair Supervisor
    Terryis Hamilton

    Makeup Assistant
    Loretta Boyce

    Set Decorator
    Rick Patterson

    Props Master
    Tom Saunders

    Talent Coordinator
    Andrea Taylor

    Locations Manager
    Mickey Rogers

    Stills Photographer
    Dean Richards

    Craft Services
    Evelyn Cynamon

    Production Assistants
    Suzan Derkson
    Loraine Villeneuve
    Drew Arnott

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    Telepost Film & Video

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    Beckett Productions

    On-Line Editors
    Ronald Ramage
    Doug Woods

    Margot Vanderham

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    Vince Renaud

    Supervising Sound Editor
    Kerry Uchida

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    Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.
    The B.C. Council for the Family

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    Carol Matusicky
    Ed Richardson
    Cheryl Haney
    Doug Hadly
    Barbara Janes
    Ken Scott
    Susan Wosk
    Les Ames
    David Cynamon
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    Frank Hurt High School
    Maddalena Acconci
    Headlines Theatre
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